Become a contributor, get published, and leverage large publications to build your business.
Listen, we get it.
You've used funnels, paid ads, Facebook groups, and the latest Internet marketing strategies. You're posting consistently on social media, but it feels like your message is getting lost in the noise. You feel like you’re still not reaching enough people.

With over 4.5 billion people using the internet every day, the opportunity to reach potential clients is exciting, but the noise can be even louder. Your consumer is being inundated with ads, inbox sales offers, and constant retargeting. 

The reality is that the online business space is a red ocean where everyone is trying to go after the same client base using the same strategies. Your consumer is tired of being sold to every day. 

They've spent thousands of dollars on courses, coaching, products, and services. Some of their experiences have been good, some terrible. Your consumer has trauma from previous negative experiences, and it affects their decision-making when looking at what you offer. 

You know that if you could just find a way to show more people the true value you bring, you’ll be able to break through the noise and reach your next level of business growth.  You'll be able to find and book ideal clients. Just like Tucker:

You’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into developing your skills and you know you offer undeniable value. You KNOW it's time to significantly increase the amount of people who recognize what you offer. 

Right now, your ideal target customers are consuming more content. They're in a different place in their value investing journey and are very particular on what they'll invest in. Standing out and having brand authority are important. 

How much time are you spending: 
  • ​Working too hard to find ideal clients who actually understand what you offer and are willing to invest. 
  • ​​Writing daily posts that don’t convert into consistent sales and that only a few dozen people will ever see.
  • ​​Trying to break through the noise on social media, where every other post is from someone selling.
  • ​​Fighting price shoppers who question the value of what you offer.
This is NOT how you should be spending your time. You should be spending it making an impact and serving high-end clients who love to pay you and see your value clearly. You should be publishing content in the places that give you visibility, create more brand authority, and lead to increased revenue. 

And the way to do that? The way to stand out and attract these clients? And have people chase you to work with you because they know you’re worth every penny?
Becoming a contributor to large publications.  
Think about it. 

You’re already releasing content all the time on social media, but you don’t get to put “Featured by Facebook Newsfeed” on your website to build brand authority. 

So, why not put that content on a platform that will: 

1. Give you access to an always new and high-level audience.  
2. Build backlinks for your website so that you can leverage Google’s search results and maximize one of the most powerful inbound lead generation opportunities in the world.  
3. Get organic opportunities for corporate consulting just because you have publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine showcasing your expertise.  

The numbers tell a story:
  • ​Inc. Magazine gets 69.19 million monthly visitors.
  • ​Forbes gets 121.1 million monthly visitors.
  • ​Entrepreneur gets 63.13 million monthly visitors.
  • ​Fast Company gets 40.3 million monthly visitors.
  • ​Business Insider gets 100.8 million monthly visitors.
Maybe you already know about the power of large publications and tried, but one of these things happened:
  • ​You poured your heart into a piece just to get a rejection letter saying the article isn’t the “right fit at this time."
  • ​The editor had you checking your inbox for weeks, until you finally realized, “they’re not going to accept my pitch.” 
  • ​You paid someone to get you featured and it turned out to be a high-cost flop.
  • ​And, all of these “failures” have left you thinking maybe you just can't get in. 
And if you haven’t  tried before, it’s probably because of one of these reasons: 
  • ​Someone, somewhere gave you the impression that major publications are reserved for industry leaders with millions of followers. 
  • ​ Someone, somewhere told you that you needed more experience before you could get accepted. 
  • ​Some little voice inside of you whispered, “I’m not good enough,” when you thought about giving it a shot. “Who am I to think I’m good enough to get a spot in Inc. Magazine? I don’t own a billion dollar business.”
Sound about right?  Listen, we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs step into the shoes of success.

There IS a way to get accepted as a contributor to large publications and it just requires a strategy that no one is talking about.
There are two types of approaches online. 

Type #1 is doing what the industry has taught them. 

They’re on social media everyday. Live streams for breakfast on Facebook and outreach on LinkedIn for dinner. Putting in a ton of work and eventually finding a couple of willing leads who still want to undercut the price to “give you a shot." 

Type #1 has an inconsistent lead generation system. Maybe they come across one “big” month where they get a high-ticket client and get to relax a little. They start to see the light just to find that the next month they’re back in the battlefield hunting for that next big break that are too far and few between to be sustainable.

Why does this happen? Because there is a LOT of bad advice out there. 

You’re being told that you’re not a real expert if you don’t have 10,000 hours under your belt. You’re being told that you have to hustle to build a 100,000 person following on Instagram to finally live the life you really want as an entrepreneur who has value to bring to the table. 

And, you’re being told to do everything other than the one thing that will make your entire industry stop in their tracks.

But let’s talk about Type #2...

Type #2 is getting inquiries everyday from Fortune 100 and 500 companies for high-paying corporate consulting gigs, just like Richard, who said…

“I am now an active contributor for Entrepreneur Online. I've also been featured in Inc. Magazine as well as Forbes and various other large publications. I'm also a contributor for five of the largest personal and professional development publications in the world…

And it helped to position me in front of some Fortune 100 and 500 companies to be able to go and speak and consult and do coaching with some of their teams. 

So it's been an amazing opportunity that I know that I definitely would not have been at that point in my career and in my business, had I not taken that class.”

Type #2 is killing it and rarely gets questioned about their value because all of the large publications they're in, like Sonia…

And this level of authority is adding an extra six-figures to their business or more, like Rosh who made an extra $49,000 soon after applying our methods…

Social proof is only effective if the person you're marketing to gets it. There are a lot of things people might understand but they definitely understand being published in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneurs, etc.

That's why Cindy and I don't teach PR or media placements. We teach entrepreneurs how to become contributors and use large publications to demonstrate their expertise.

We teach you how to be in control of your destiny instead of chasing media attention. When you're a contributor, people come to you -- you don't have to sell them on your value.

Hi, we’re Kimanzi and Cindy Constable
We’ve been helping thousands of entrepreneurs become contributors to large publications and leverage them to build their business over...



and over again.

We spent years learning how to master the art of pitching and getting accepted into large publications. We've been published in 80 large publications and magazine,  including the print edition of Entrepreneur Magazine that's on newsstands all over the world.

So, we started trying our methods out on some students and clients, and they were working for all of them. Now, we have thousands of students and clients who have success stories just like the ones you’ve seen riddled on this page.

ALL from the no-fluff, step-by-step strategies we teach in...
The Large Publications Masterclass
This self-paced program is designed to help YOU:
  • ​Increase brand authority and add social proof that all consumers understand. 
  • ​Start getting accepted at multiple large publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Fast Company, and even niche publications. 
  • ​AVOID rejection in the process by using not only tried and true methods, but also bonus cheat sheets, example winning pitches, and direct contact information of the editors YOU need to pitch. 
  • ​Start landing the corporate consulting, speaking, and other gigs you’ve always wanted.
  • ​Reach millions of readers and make an impact through your content. 
How will the Large Publications Masterclass help you? By walking you through our Large Publication pitch method, step-by-step. We killed the fluff. Here’s what you'll get.
Session 1: Foundation
Ever wonder things like, “What would I even write?”, “How do I know the editors will like my submission?”, or even, “How do I set myself up to get PAID to write these submissions? How can I set up my website and social media in a way that gets editors and corporations to respond?" 

If you have -- then this is the session that will explain everything. 

From the secret to winning headlines, how to pick topics your editors will drool over, and even the major difference between making money writing for the publications or not.

We cover how to set up your foundation in a way that makes editors say yes and is optimized for a cold audience. 

We teach you how to figure out your core message, how to brand yourself in a way that's clear, how to set up each page on your website, and how to structure your blog. 
Session 2: The Art of The Pitch (And Getting Paid)
This is all about who to approach at large publications and the exact steps you'll need to take to approach them.

Everything from selecting your publication and editor, writing killer subject lines and emails that will catch their attention in a sea of competition, and exactly what to say to make sure they see the value you’ll bring to their publications.

We give you direct contact information for editors at large publications, and the exact winning pitch-structure. 
Session 3: Print Publication Mastery
After you start getting accepted in Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, etc., it’s time to head for the print editions of each magazine.

But these are a different approach, so we'll give you the full breakdown of how to appeal to these, and even branch out to even bigger publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, and more.
Session 4: Booking Corporate Content Creations Gigs
There are a lot of corporations -- especially right now -- that are looking for coaches, consultants, speakers, agency owners, and online entrepreneurs to train on content creation and book them to create content for their corporation. 

Companies are looking for blog posts, newsletters, podcast episode scripts, video scripts, copy for ads, social media posts, website copy, lead magnets, email content, ebooks, letters from executives, and anything written. 

The industry standard for this content (for companies) is three to ten dollars a word. In this session, we'll teach you how to find, pitch, and book these corporate opportunities. 

We'll teach you how to book opportunities such as these 30 you can book right now -- a small sampling. 
Session 5: Leveraging Large Publications 
This session is all about how you can use large publications to build a large email list, get new clients, sell more books and products, book paid speaking, and book corporate gigs. 

We teach you how to leverage large publications to build your business. 

Here's what the content that's already in the member's area looks like:

The main modules alone are EASILY worth $5,000 but there’s more...
Bonus #1: Winning Pitch Swipe Files ($997) 
Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I could just be a bird on the wall of other people who are getting accepted, I could learn so much about how to craft my pitch to get accepted too?" 

Say no more, because that’s exactly what we give you. Screenshots and copies of winning pitches to large publications for you to use as fuel for your own. 
Bonus #2: The Insider Hit List ($1,297)
Don’t use the “front door” entry to publications with their application on the website -- if you can help it. This is the quickest way to get your pitch lost in the fray. 

Instead, know exactly which editors you'll need to contact and what their emails are for each publication you want to pitch. 

With tips including their pet peeves, what they look out for, and what will get them to blacklist you (so you know to avoid it). 
Bonus #3: The Stand Out Pitch Script ($797) 
The script we and our students use to get accepted over and over again. The key is knowing what’s not working first -- because everyone else is trying it. Basic flattery and betting. Aimless pitching. 

What works is something more methodical, straight to the point, and unique. We’ll show you exactly what it is with our script. 
Bonus #4: Paid Publications Cheat List ($997) 
Know exactly which publications to aim for if you want to get PAID to write for them, how much they pay, and the guidelines to pitching these publications as well!
And here’s the thing…
Everything in the Large Publications Masterclass is incredibly powerful when you put it to use. But what happens if you skip out on this opportunity? Where will you be next year?

Still battling the competition with a year of more experience under your belt. Still writing social media posts that get seen by how many? Maybe 100, 200 people? While watching others get seen by tens of thousands every day and reaping the rewards of it. 

Working hard to grow a list of quality prospects. Learning the hard way that it’s not about your level of skill-set but the level of belief your audience has in it, which begins and ends with large publication brand authority. 

And finding out after a whole extra year of being near-stagnant with growth, that had you taken this opportunity, at this moment, things would’ve been completely different. I don’t know. Maybe that will be your story, maybe not. There’s no certainty to that. 

What happens if you do take advantage of joining the Large Publications Masterclass?

Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of our other students and clients: 

You’ll take action on the program and commit to seeing it through. You’ll write a winning pitch and get accepted into a large publication. You’ll feel an immense boost in confidence realizing you do have what it takes. And, like dominos, you’ll start knocking down multiple other large publications left and right. 

Along with this authority comes exposure. You’ll find your list of prospects growing bigger by the day. You’ll have ideal high-ticket clients reaching out to you saying, “I found you in Entrepreneur” or “I read your article on Inc. Magazine and was wondering if I could hire you to do X.” 

It will drastically speed up the time to reach your business goals. Before you know it, you’ll start receiving inquiries from Fortune 100 and 500 businesses, ready to pay you the big bucks because of your brand authority. 

You'll book corporate content creation gigs because you'll know the exact process to pitch them. 

And, you’re going to stay there, because authority stays. Even after your favorite social media platform goes out of style like Twitter. After Instagram changes the algorithm and no one can see your posts in their feed anymore. After your account gets banned from Facebook so you can’t run ads. 

Your posts on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. Magazine will all be there, still, making you money, both on and off the platform for years to come.

So, what would this kind of experience be worth to you:

We ask because The Large Publications Masterclass is designed to get you exactly that, and you start seeing results as soon as you get your first accepted pitch through the door. 

We want to make this program more accessible to all while still honoring the value we bring in this program. The investment to join is a one-time payment of:
To get results like:
Tucker -- $18,000 from an Entrepreneur Magazine Article. 

Or Rosh -- over $49,000 in revenue added to his business after getting published in large publications. 

Or Richard -- who’s now working with multiple Forbes 100 and 500 companies after leveraging large publications to become the #1 authority in his field.  

Or even Jake, who found his calling as a copywriter after getting published in a single large publication and now owns a highly successful writing business. 
One more time, here’s what you'll get:
  • Program (Total Value $5,000): Which will give you the steps for finding, writing for, and pitching major publications successfully. You'll learn how to book corporate content creation gigs such as these
  • Bonus #1 -- Winning Pitch Swipe Files (Total Value -$997): Which will show you the exact pitches that have been accepted by large publications from us and our students so you have plenty to model from.
  • Bonus #2 -- Insider Hit List (Total Value -$1,297): Gives you the exact editors you'll need to pitch and their email addresses -- updated as they change so you know exactly who to approach and even tips for what to do or not do with each editor. 
  • Bonus #3 -- Stand Out Pitch Script (Total Value -$797): The exact pitch script we use to stand out in the editors’ busy inboxes so your pitch gets opened, read, and accepted.
  • Bonus #4 -- Paid Publications Cheat List (Total Value -$997): A list of the major publications that pay, plus how much and tips on how to pitch them specifically so you can get paid to write for them. 
Lifetime Access
When you join, you get lifetime access to the program. You always get access to the training, documents, and templates. 

Now, we know that $997 isn’t pocket change. But let me ask you: 

If ALL this did was get one article accepted into a large publication so that you could permanently add that credibility to your name -- and no prospect would ever wonder again ask “are you worth the price," would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was get you your first high-ticket corporate consulting gig, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was help you build a list of ideal prospects you could follow up -- from receiving the massive exposure these publications have to offer -- would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was let you put the “Seen in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes” and more on your website so that your audience could know you’re the real deal... would it be worth it? So that they can click on your content and see your expertise demonstrated in a place they trust. 

Because this is the minimum results you’ll get from working through this program. And, we have a feeling each one of them is definitely worth well over $997. 

See what other students and clients have to say:
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